Something Remained

Messrs Kelly I.A. & Richards J.V.M.



Released: 17 February 2014
Label: Rural Audio Club
Version: Album

Richards and Kelly have teased together a kaleidoscope of an aural landscape evoking the first half of the 20th century, a soundtrack to a dream of England. Combining their varying abilities on a collection of instruments these original vignettes are peppered with slithers of sonic memory and are woven together into a warm and familiar blanket, as patched as the small fields that the work brings to mind. Like a signal from an imagined past the morse of this music beeps through the consciousness, awakening the senses and stirring the ghosts. Smell the hay, the dust warming on the bar fire and the hot oil of the shivery Villiers engine. Feel the salty sea chill and look skyward for gull or kite. Drift into the ocean of sound waves, and dream your dream, your own dream of England.